How to clean fabric of the sofa?

Fabric sofas are beautiful addition to the home. They are comfortable, soft and easy to touch. In order to preserve it and for its long life, it’s important to maintain it carefully. Here we offer you steps on how to take care of your sofa fabric in the easiest of ways.
There are two different ways to clean the fabric of the sofa

Maintain it and remove the stains

Maintenance of Sofa

It is essential to clean your sofa fabric on a regular basis. Maintenance is easier for sofas that comes with removable covers, you can remove the affected area and wash it in a machine or by hand ( every month you need to do it). Sofas without a removable cover are difficult to maintain. Here’s how you can do it.


Dusting needs to be done twice a month, if not once in a week, vacuum clean the sofa to remove excessive dust. You can use the soft brush attachment to avoid damaging the fabric.

You need to wash it twice a year, in order to clean sofa in depth. There are two options on how to wash it:
With the help of liquid shampoo- using water and liquid shampoo, rub the mix all over the sofa. You’ll then need to rinse your couch and let it dry. This method is very effective, but cannot be used on tissues that don’t support water.
Dry clean it with dry foam

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In most of the cases, you’ll be able to find foam dispensers to clean fabric and couches. To avoid bleaching surprise, test the product on the non-visible part of the sofa.


Regular maintenance of the sofa would be a difficult task, if you are not able to remove stains. Since the couch is mostly used furniture in the home, it will be exposed to different kinds of stains. The first thing to do when sofa stains is to blot the stain with paper towels. Don’t rub it in a vigorous manner. Simply, dab the stain, gently from the outside towards the centre to prevent it from further spreading. Here are some tips on how to remove sofa stain easily:
Mud Stain-It is important not to drain water on it. Let the soil dry, then brush away the stain
Blood Stain- Moisten the cloth with cold water and then clean it
Wine OR Coffee stains- Blot the stains gently with cold water in white vinegar and water in equal proportions

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