How to clean French window

Old dilapidated houses have old windows that can be difficult to clean. One of the toughest tasks is how to clean a French window. Unlike conventional windows, these can be cleaned by using sprays, wiped down, glazed, but word for wise- it requires careful handling, so as to avoid smear and drips. Here are some techniques on how to clean the french windows in a better way.

Home made cleaner- Instead of opting for a spray cleaner that drips down the glass into the painted wood, apply a window cleaner that can be applied with a sponge. The best way is go for a homemade cleaner for wooden French window. Here’s how you can make a home made cleaner: 1 cup of water, 1 spoon of vinegar. Rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly reduces smearing.

Go for a sponge- In order to apply the cleaner to the individual panels, use sponge that has been dipped into the solution and squeeze it. The solution can be then applied in a side by side motion till the entire pane (inclusive the corners) that has been scrubbed.

Tip- In order to reduce dripping on clean windows, it is better to wash a single pane and work from top to the bottom.

Polish to make windows shine- the trickiest part in polishing the glass is to add shine. It is easy to dry at the center of the pane, adding polish at the corners of the room could be bit tricky. The painted wood tends to smear onto the glass.

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