How to Clean Rugs

With the passage of time rugs have become a major home decoration item. Decorators and home owners use them in different ways to stylize their homes. The main reason for rugs being a popular choice for home decoration is that, they are affordable. You can buy a rug for almost no price. Moreover they are easy to care for. A rug can offer warmth and beauty to any room for years if it is used properly.

Cleaning a rug is very easy. Here are a few simple steps that you can follow in order to clean your rug.

As it is said, prevention is better than cleaning. It is applicable for rug as well. Prevent your rug from dirt and grime. Roll the rug up and store it somewhere during the harsh weathers. If you place the rug outdoor, make sure you have a shoe scrubber near it. Those who come inside, encourage them to wipe away the dirt from their shoes. This process should be done for muddy shoes.

In order to clean the rugs, read the manufacturer’s instructions. Go through the manual. If you have lost the manual, visit the manufacturer’s website. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction to clean the rug.

Does your rug have a pad underneath? Then you have to follow different procedure to clean it. Before you apply a cleaning agent on the rug, check the padding. You should use a single cleaning technique for cleaning the rug and the pad underneath. If chances are there for the pad to absorb water easily, you should not use a garden hose to clean the rug because it will take a week to dry.

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When you clean the rug, move it to an outdoor area. Make a solution of dish wash and water. Use this solution to clean the rug. Let it dry outside, to avoid mold growth.

If you think your rug needs deep cleaning, you should hire professionals to do the job. If you live in places like Miami, Weston or Broward finding a professional will not at all be difficult. Even if don’t go for a specialist you can count on residential cleaning service provider to clean the rugs. Whatever your choice is just go online and search for Residential Cleaner Miami, Rugs Cleaner Weston or Rugs Cleaning Broward and you are sure to come across many good service providers.

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