How to decor hotel in a different way?

Today, the modern hotels are equipped with all the social changes along with innovative solution to make it look trendy and new. In this article, we will cover most striking interior design trends that will shape up hotels for the year 2015. From recreating guest rooms to highly customized experiences, hotel owners are taking every step to create their hotel into a palace filled with joy and fun. They are transforming their accommodation into units that you cannot escape at any cost. Whether you own a hotel or planning to buy a new, here are some insights about the hotel industry. Hope it helps a lot!

 Create a modern styled hotel lobby

We have witnessed various hotel projects that are strictly focussed on creating great impression on the minds of the people. How you can do it? All you need to do is to decorate the lobbies of hotel in an enticing way. A lobby is a social counter where people from across the world come and have a look and hence it is important to decorate the lobby of the hotel in a striking way. With the new business travelling trend, the hotel lobbies should be equipped with a range of gadgets and devices suited for individual use. Like it should have multi use space for formal conversation, working on laptops and plugging in for various devices! Creative space segmentation is important, providing intimate and social zones, as well as offering furniture for comfort and for functionality. Today, hotels come with several extravagant features in this market that include green walls, indoor waterfalls, striking and large chandeliers and multi media stations.

Think again about the guest room

No longer is the conventional classic bed table locker combo enough to make a hotel room warm and inviting. In present times, the guests like surprise and want to stay away from daily din and noise.Probably this is why each interior design in the modern hospitality industry is different from the others. Add creativity to the hotels for business travellers, by incorporating interesting looking TV panels, extra couch next to the king sized beds. All these are key ingredients to make a hotel look trendy and rave. There are enough of color explosions and eclectic decor mixes that can definitely add visual appeal to the guests wanting to experience top-notch quality accommodation.

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How to decor bathrooms in a unique way

Bathrooms need to be planned cleverly for the modern hotels, if you wish to expand the living zones. The modern tourist expects that the bathroom should be equipped with all the necessities along with other trends. It should have spa like features that is an open invitation to relaxation and a fool proof method of luring the guests through a promise of ephemeral luxury. Think about en-suite bedrooms, waterfall showers, oversized bath tub,  sink, giant towels, beauty accessories and a large amount of space.

Add aesthetic appeal to the room


Few of the hotels or restaurants strict adhere to the principle of practicability. Cooking is an art so is the exhibition space.  We have seen many of the restaurants that have turned into memorable experience through their design and exclusivity. A wide variety of themes are available that push creativity counters to the new scales and turning each venue into a dream destination within itself.

Incorporate sensory experience in the hotel

Adding sensory experience in the hotel go a long way. The principle is well integrated in the kind of services offered by the modern hotel owners, who struggle to find indoor outdoor transition as one-of-a-kind as much as possible. Not only the hotel rooms are xpanded with the help of large decks, but greenery can be brought inside the hotel room in every possible way. The natural elements that can be added to the hotel include wood panelling, stone decorations, lush green plants, indoor waterfalls- all these are just elements employed to make the hotel room free from stress and wonderful.

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Add natural items to the hotel

Sustainability is a major issue for the hotel owners. In order to make the hotel environmentally sustainable, one can add various elements in the hotel, as they are doing their best to minimize short-term costs. But how to be ahead of the game is important, which sometimes lead us to think creative ideas. Like, in order to create trendy hotel room opt for large sized hotels windows to penetrate natural lightning to come in, go for natural building materials, green walls, and green roof, recycle bins for the guests, electronic water faucets, locally grown food and graywater for recycling are some of the few ways to remain ahead of the competitors.

Add art work in the hotels

It is a real shame those modern hotels distances itself from local art and craft. Sometimes, if we look at the hotel and its design tells us nothing about its origin, culture or from where it belongs to. Luckily, more and more hotel owners are realizing this fact and incorporating various art elements in the home. Local art and handicraft improves guest perception and create an authenticate experience for the guests. Starting from small sculpture to photography to large scale installation, installing an art project into the hotel’s image could be an easy way to create warm feeling. A modern hotel should be blended with modern painting or local handicraft to give it a contemporary look and design.

Discard hi-tech word from hotel dictionary

Not everyone in the present times is looking out for latest technology. They want to just peaceful time with family and relatives. In other words, they want to disconnect themselves with business on holiday time. But more and more hotels are focussing on keeping the guests plugged in at all costs. Certainly it is a good way to attract business tourism, a tech friendly environment that encourages work flow in the long run and guest’s fidelity. A variety of new hotels are improving their illumination arrangement, air conditioning, and even window blinds with help of smartphones, which turns out to be a smart investment proposition by the business travellers. Another trend that is plugging in is placing of PC and tablets for check in and for printing boarding passes, as well ensuring self help processes requiring online connection.

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Add visually appealing patterns in the hotels

When you are away from the home, you usually have more time to exploring yopur senses. This is why probably it is important to add visually appealing patterns in the hotels and embracing the textures inside. Giving the guests an inviting feel can result into a memorable experience, one that they wish to repeat. Incorporate few bold patterns in home to animate space and create soothing atmosphere.

It is an acknowledged fact that the hotel stays longer with the guests that offers top-notch accommodation and good dining experience. With this in mind, the hotel owners should personalize the space as much as possible. Pop up hotels and modular hotel concepts are gaining popularity and interest in the present times. Themed guestroom has a strong impact, especially when the visitors have long list of options.

Last but not the least; the hotel rooms should provide adequate comfort, space and a feeling of home. No matter how luxurious the hotel is, coziness is an important factor to consider.

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