How to decorate a wall that connects kitchen and dining room?

Though the trend of open kitchens is catching in, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do creative things with a wall separating it with kitchen from your dining room. What you can do is: take the wall in three different directions, separate it and join it in a psychological fashion. Whichever way you select, decorate it in a style that coordinates with rest of the home- every room in your house should feel like it is designed by a similar person.

Join Psychologically

  • Join the side of dining room side of the wall and coordinate it with the dining room and paint the kitchen side to coordinate it with the kitchen. This establishes two separate spaces.
  • In order to make your home look beautiful add family photographs on the wall or fine form of art in case of formal dining room. Install shelves on the kitchen side of the wall and hang rustic pots or dishes, depending upon overall design.
  • Add a credenza against the wall on the dining room side and pour large amount of crystals in the bowl. Install a counter on the side of the kitchen if there is a room under the shelves. Put small vases of dried flower at the other end of the counter, and use rest of the space for making meals.
  • Hang wall paper with a similar theme on each side of the wall. For instance, add green and beige stripe wallpaper in the dining room and for kitchen blue and grey, use two wall papers that feature some common thing.
  • Decor the dining room with artwork that gives the feeling of a kitchen like paintings of fresh vegetables or vintage jars full of spices. Decor the kitchen side of the walls with dining table and chair, for instance hanging a family photograph around a dining table. The idea is whenever you look at either side, you will be reminded what is on other side of the wall.
  • Display items from a single collection on both sides of a wall. For example, add china plates on both side.
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Add visual connect

contemporary-dining-room How to decorate a wall that connects kitchen and dining room?
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Open Dining Table
  • Decor both the rooms in a way that there is no separating wall in between them.
  • Use similar paint or wall paper for both the rooms and same kind of furniture
  • Hang matching wreaths or bouquets of dried flower on each side of the door in the separating wall.
  • Try to keep the door open as much as possible and ensure it has easy access from both the sides.
  • Let the light come in from both the rooms
  • Arrange wall sconces, lights or three dimension decor on the room sparingly.



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