Open versus closed dining room- what to select?

Open concept and closed concept of dining room results in distinctly different kind of floor plans. Homes that were constructed between 1920 and 1970 were typically traditional with separate dining rooms adjacent to a small kitchen. New home have modern open floor plan where the living room, the kitchen and dining room share a single spacious area. You need to compare different layouts to determine what is the best and what accommodates your lifestyle, dining experience and personal preferences.

See where the traffic flows

The seating arrangement in a closed dining room is different from that of open layout. For instance, an open dining room lets you to mingle and converse with your guests, while you are preparing food in the kitchen, where as a separate dining room confines guess to an isolated area separate from the kitchen. A separate dining room provides an intimate area for conversation.

Check the uses of dining room

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A separate dining room that is used only for a short period of tines in a year might be stealing up valuable space from the home. If you require a playroom for the kids, a home office or a gym, you can convert it into a dining room to enhance the experience. Or you can separate the dining room, but use it on a regular basis for night meals or to have breakfast. Even though open dining area doesn’t occupy much space, but it can steal off the most productive space when you buy a large dining table. So, it is important to measure the dimensions of dining table.

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What style of dining room is the best?

Well, we are living in times where everyone wants to enjoy the best dining experience as much as possible. If you still have fond memories of childhood where you used to food with your Grandma, Grandpa, you might need a separate dining area in your home. In order to lend character to dining room, add artwork to dining room walls because the available wall space in an open floor area is minimal. If you prefer to have dinner with your loved ones, small dining table is the best. If closed spaces makes you  feel monotonous and uncomfortable, an open concept of dining room is the best option.

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Open Dining Table
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Closed Dining Table

One of the main attraction of open dining room is it makes you accessible to kitchen area, living room. If you are perpetually unorganized, open dining room is not suitable for you.


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