How to decorate your home for festive season?

We all love to decorate our home during festive occasions, don’t we?  Since we get holiday to celebrate these festivals, it becomes all the more important to beautify our home and at the same time, feel compelled to spread the cheer. During the festive time, we forget about all the sadness and think about new ray of hope that will enter our life soon. Since, festivals brings with a reason to celebrate, a time to exchange gifts, greetings and more importantly bond the families. If you are not fond of traditional home decoration themes that are considered as warm and inviting, there are several other modern designs instead to decorate your home. There are several holiday decoration ideas that can pump up your spirit during the festival season. You can even opt to decorate for indoor spaces with a contemporary touch or go for living room, kitchen or entryway. With perfect planning, you can make festive season go merry and bright with some clever tricks. Here are some simple yet amazing ways to decorate your home during festive season.

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Tricks on how to beautify your home for festive season

Tip 1-try to add garland– Garland is the best trick to deck up the living room. You can use flowers for this purpose or opt for some shining stapled papers that you can hang or stick along the walls of living room. This will sparkle up your home look for festive season.

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Tip no 2-Add zing at your entryway-To cheer up the spirit of entryway and welcome the guests, try using a brilliant array of paper luminaries. You can arrange them along the front walk or arrange it on the drive way and porch and create an amazing display on the entryway. What’s more! It is easy to make. All you need to do is to cover the bottom of white paper bags with help of sand. The sand would help to fix it, the luminaries need to be 2 feet apart and later you can install battery operated LED to complete the frame.

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Tip no 3- add some ornaments-You can spray paint on artificial flowers with a white paint to create a new look. To perk up overall look of the room, try to spray silver or gold paint. You can add some gold painted leaves in family room to give it a festive look.

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tip no 5-Decorate it with help of pillow-You can tie a bow around the pillow with coloured ribbons and then add rhinestone pin to get that decorative look. Interestingly, these decorative pillows will give your room a classic look for guests who wish to stay back in your home.

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tip no 6-Opt for window decoration-To bring up the festive cheer of your room, don’t forget to add paper ornaments on your windowsill. You can even light up the window border with help of some LED lights to bring cheer on your near and dear one face.

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tip no 7 Add centerpiece in your living room-There are various ways to create focus of attention one among them is pineapple centerpiece. Firstly, you need to scoop out the pineapple, later ser in a tray filled with cranberries. Ensure that you set the vase inside the pineapple. Next, arrange amaryllis inside the vase. It is the simple way to catch attention of the guests.

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There are several tricks to perk up the look of your home during festive season. In the above-mentioned post, we have provided some of the simplest, yet decorative tips to add in your home. All these tricks are simple and to make your home look more creative, you just need dash of creative mind. It really works!

Starting from pineapple centerpiece to installing lighting arrangements in the living room, all these tips are simple to incorporate. If you have some more creative ideas in your mind, let it flow. Please don’t forget to add it in the comment section given below.

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