How to store kitchen utensils in small space?

Kitchen is the area where women spend most of their time there. It is but natural that you want it to be more spacious and convenient. However, unfortunately, this might not be true for all of us. This generally happens when you are residing in a flat or a rented apartment where you cannot build more kitchen space according to your requirements. But, don’t fret! You still have several options available for small kitchen. You can use the space optimally, if you are creative and innovative. A clean and well organized kitchen is reflection of your personality. So, be careful when arranging for the kitchen, no matter what the size is. Along with arranging things keep your countertops clean and tidy.

amazing-bright-kitchen-ideas How to store kitchen utensils in small space?
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Best way to store things in the kitchen

Don’t opt for traditional kitchen organizing tips that mainly focus on spacious kitchen. Dare to go out of box in terms of storage to make your kitchen look appealing.  If you are wondering how to manage small kitchen, think no more, we are here to help you. All these tips are simple and useful. Have a look!

Use the walls to store things– don’t accommodate each and everything on your shelves and work bench. Explore the endless possibilities of wall space. Consider ganging things on the walls like wash clothes, cutting board, pans with hooks, lighters and knives.

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94787220cda7ecd464629c92e961d6ff How to store kitchen utensils in small space?
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Use the area under the sink-don’t forget to use the area under the sink. It is the most neglected space. Be innovative by installing a small cabinet door. You can keep the cleaning items there like brush, cleaning solutions, lotions or other cleaning accessories under this space.

under-sink-shelf-organizer-kitchen-cabinet-organization How to store kitchen utensils in small space?
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Use overhead cabinets-Limited floor area is always a challenge for small kitchen. If you want to know how to manage things in a small kitchen, here’s the best idea. Use overhead kitchen cabinets to store the things, depending upon frequency of use.

03340622_01i How to store kitchen utensils in small space?
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Add small baskets on sides of the cabinets-It is an interesting idea to store the kitchen items, especially when there is small storage space. It will also help to use otherwise neglected spaces on the sides of the cabinets. You can install it inside the cabinet doors too.

fintorp-baskets How to store kitchen utensils in small space?
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Install lazy susan kitchen cabinets-it is splendid kitchen storage idea, to use the corners of your floor cabinets. This will give enough space to keep bigger kitchen appliances and supplies. If space permits, you can further divide it into small compartments to arrange things.

oganizer-lazy-susan-cabinet How to store kitchen utensils in small space?
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