How to make home environment friendly?

Are you seeking for a home that appears to be realistic and environment friendly? Well, here we have presented some ways on how to make your home more inviting and how to make minimal use of energy. Moreover, the price of energy is escalating day by day, hence it is the major reason why we are offering you tips:

One of the most difficult things to do in home interior is painting the home, and you can easily do this with eco-friendly method. By using the paint that is eco-friendly, one knows that they are not polluting environment.  For instance, it is better to use clay based and milk based paint. Other options is one can use recycled latex paints. Recycled latex paints are available in different kinds and colors. Moreover, various home improvement stores have this kind of paint in store. Remember, using this kind of paint protects your health as well as saves the planet. It lends you fresh air to breathe. Moreover, natural paints are not toxic unlike other chemical based paints.


You might be thinking of bamboo or cork flooring. Bamboo is similar to conventional wood flooring, but it is more environment friendly because bamboo does not come under the list of endangered woods. Cork flooring offers good insulation and is environment friendly. The environmental benefit of cork is that it only uses the bark of the tree, so it doesn’t need to be cut down. More prospects of green flooring mean less usage of tiles or ceramic. Eco-friendly carpets are also available in the market. These are quiet beneficial to your health.  If you struggle with different allergies, there are certain carpets that use natural fibres, which mean it won’t aggravate allergies as much.

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If you reside somewhere where summer is dominant, then you should be aware of cheap means on how to keep your home nice and cool. Air conditioning units tends to be costly and is not environment sustainable. There are myriad of options available in the market like fans, especially ceiling fans are the best way to say adieu to warm temperature.

During the days, you can keep heat out by using blinds or curtains, which is also called as passive cooling. Additionally, you can plant some trees or shrubs in strategic locations to add more shade. If you think, then you can discover hundred ways of cheaper cooling methods, so that you don’t need air conditioner or need it when it is really hot. In summary, it is better to think of environment friendly ways to keep your home cool. It will make your home stress free and ventilated too. Needless to say, these preferences will make your home a better place to live in. Also, it will lower down the cost of living.

For instance, better insulation saves your money and keeps you warm too. These are handful of tips on how to make your home environment friendly. With little thought and by searching on the internet you’ll find various ways on how to make home environment sustainable.

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