How to select right chandelier for your home?

Chandelier is a fancy electrical fixture for your home. Your eyes will be drawn towards it because of the light that it emits and its shape. A wide array of chandeliers is available in the market. But, when it comes to selection of chandeliers for your home, there are certain tips that you need to keep in mind.

Size of a chandelier- One of the most important factors that you need to consider is the size of the chandelier and where it is placed. It should complement with overall look of the room and should not be seen as separate part of the room. The chandelier design ideas depend upon kind of furnishings that you have in the room and what complements with it.

How many chandeliers I can add to a room– It is always better to stick to single chandelier in a room; this again depends upon the size of a room. You can always go to an extra mile and add 2 or more chandeliers if you are not satisfied with a single piece. The following kind of chandelier design ideas is available at your home.

Layered Chandelier– It is one of the most common chandelier design ideas that you can use. It depends upon no of layers that chandelier has. More layers, means bigger will be size of chandelier. There are several styles that can be used in this kind of chandelier. You can buy traditional, contemporary or rustic style in such kind of chandeliers.

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Traditional Chandeliers- these chandeliers are used depending upon theme of the home. If your home is filled with lot of traditional furniture and fittings, it is the best for your home. These chandeliers are made of ornate details and materials that complement your home décor. The blending can be considered as important home décor tips.

Crystal Chandelier– the crystal chandelier is expensive and pricey ornament used in any home; this again depends upon the kind of furnishing and size of the room. This kind of chandelier design ideas can be bit expensive. You need to rethink about it if you have low budget. But, remember it gives a distinct appeal to the room.

Rustic Chandelier- This kind of chandelier design is the best for homes that need casual touch of home décor. When furnishing is simple, add rustic chandelier to the home to give it a grand look. The motifs used in this kind of chandelier are animal horns, branches and distressed materials.

Mini chandelier- People have misconception that chandelier means a large lighting fixture nonetheless a chandelier need not always to be big. There are mini chandelier designs that can be used at different small spaces. These can make a big difference in small bedrooms, nurseries, etc. the best option is to have a single chandelier, whether big or small in a room. You can use lamp shades on the wall and other lighting fixtures.

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