How to add golden touch to your home?

Gold is a commodity that every woman wishes to have in her locker. But, what if we say that this festive season you can deck up your home with gold, it is trendy! Astonished? Well, don’t be, in this post we will suggest you how you can add golden touch to your home.

Whether it is Navratri or Diwali, home are decorated with golden diyas to make it look fabulous and bright. Take a look at this post and learn how to style your home for this festive season with metallic gold, dreary gold and a sparkling golden shade.

Tips on how to add golden bling to your home

 Golden Candles/ Small Diyas– Golden candles is the best way to add golden touch outside of your home. To create golden atmosphere inside the home use bright gold diyas in living room and dull diyas in the terrace area! If you are short of golden diyas, don’t fret add golden colored candles in order to lighten up your home.

Note- You can show your creative side by making your own candles by using gold dust and ribbons on white candles. Does it fuel your creative side?

Tip No 2- Incorporate Golden Cushions or Throw Pillows in your home– If you think golden candles and diyas are too common, then add golden cushion to your living room.  Drape your sofa seats with a bold dark shade cover and haven golden cushions as a contrast. This look will surely generate long lasting impression on the guests and will raise volumes about your living area. When you invite guests at home, dim the lights and focus on gold cushions. It will definitely make your living room look wow!

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Tip no 3- Incorporate Golden frames in your home– wish to recreate old magic in your home? Well, add touch of gold to all picture frames or in the wall art/painting. It will definitely make the home look beautiful.

Tip no 4- add Golden lamps to your home– Golden lamps are trendy home décor items these days. Golden lamps with candles or bulbs are the best way to accentuate the home. Go for dull coloured golden lamps, as they create more impact once the light is placed.


Tip No 7-Add Golden curtains to your home- If your living area has golden throw pillows, deck the window with golden curtains. It will further add appeal to your home. Fascinating idea, idn’t it?

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