Which colors will complement with stainless steel appliances?

Selecting kitchen colors that complement with stainless steel appliances can be bit tedious task because you have limitless options to choose from. The silvery colour is versatile and modern, so there aren’t many accent colors that clash with it. Depending upon other elements of the kitchen, like themes, flooring, cabinetry, furniture, accessories, you can craft space of your own.

Opt for white shade– White is simple yet elegant shade to use in a kitchen that has stainless steel appliances. It offers a strong contrast against silver and helps the appliances to stand out in a crowd. The benefits of white accent shade are its clean and vibrant characteristics that make the kitchen feel bright and fresh. Furthermore, its neutral appeal makes the room feel spacious and open.  With white shade tin countertop accessories looks appealing.

Opt for Brown– Brown is an earthy shade, so it adds natural appeal to the home. Go for dark brown shades if you wish kitchen to have warm and cozy vibe. Select light brown shades like mocha or taupe if you want to give brighter kitchen design. Hardwood flooring, wood furniture, natural wood cabinetry, brown or taupe marble countertops and brown wall paint contrast. Select brown wrought iron accessories and wooden countertop accessories to complete the look.

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Opt for Gray– As stainless steel has gray undertones embedded within it, gray accent colors create a unique design that is simple and uniform. Combine stainless steel appliances with gray tone or granite countertops, gray tile, reclaimed wood and gray paint colors to create cosmopolitan look. The metallic hue of these appliances stands out with this shade. Add a hint of color, with ceramic apple bowl, lemon, live plants or dinnerware.

Opt for vibrant shades– As stainless steel appliances look attractive with warm or cool colors, go for combination of analogous shades that complement with one another on colour wheel. For instance, you might select cool shades like aqua, lime and green or go with warm combinations like red, yellow and orange.

Add gray tone acecssories with it like reclaimed wood picture frames, tin countertop accessories, light gray paint in its overall design to blend and harmonize with stainless steel appliances. The result is the kitchen will look more vibrant and cheerful and energetic.

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