How to update your home to achieve modern look?

We all wish to live in comfort, coziness and in a well-designed home. While there a lot of do-it yourself work out there who work tirelessly on their home and seem to be updating on a constant basis- it is not possible for those people who don’t a basic difference. Of course, you can hire interior designer to renovate the home for you, but that comes with messy and costly renovations. Anyone who has done a major renovation can attest the same. So, how can one update the home without doing major renovations? We want updates that all of us can do, not just those handy DIY tips. Here is your solution- 10 update. Let’s have a look at 10 imaginative ways to update the home without tearing the walls or breaking the bank.

Try to create open space

According to a renowned interior designer, open floor plans are on priority list when it comes to buying of home and home ownership. Homeowners wish to have an open floor plan where the kitchen, living room and dining room share one space. Also, formal dining rooms have become a new style. Here is your opportunity on how to create spice to your decor to make it more appealing to the visitors. How you can do this without breaking the bank? Actually, making the home seem open and easier can be easier than you imagine. Sometimes it is simple as it getting rid of bulkier and heavy furnishing around the room to see what placement offers open space. If you are emotionally attached to armoire, huge cabinet or other bulky furniture that is taking up huge space, then consider painting it with warm or neutral shades- this will help it to disappear into the room, creating a false illusion of space, in form of mirrors. Mirrors when placed on the opposite side of the windows reflect light into the room and make the room seem open. If you have a formal dining room that you don’t use, then consider turning into a cozy space, home office crafting room or library without thinking about nook or corner. This will make the current space usable and creates a whole new room that you never look before.

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Illuminate the home

Proper lightning arrangements can add a new life to the room. A poorly illuminated room look small, dark and cramped, while a brightly illuminated home appears welcoming, open and airy. There are several ways to brighten the home with lights. Some of the easier methods are as simple as buying a lamp shade for the home. Place the table lamps strategically with tall lamps in dark corners and watch your room come lively. Layer the room with light shades on the side tables, making the room feel inviting and cozy. Then, if you wish to get adventurous, you can substitute it with those out-dated ceiling fixtures with the stunning modern masterpieces that are available on the market. Of course, this last part may need you to appoint an electrician for installation, but if you are handy, replace a ceiling fixture that is not too complicated. Whether you wish to keep it simple with floor lamps or go about and replace the ceiling fixtures- modernize home with lots of bright lights.

Add cabinets and door handles

Nothing dates your kitchen other than kitchen and bathroom or more than old-fashioned worn our dirty handles and knobs. You can easily update the cabinetry and door handles, and there are so many ways to update the same. There are several finishes available to choose from like bronze, brushed nickel, aged copper and shiny stainless. With so many modern options available in the market it is hard to decide what suits home the best. Don’t stress too much about various options, after all you could buy one or two different styles to see what works the best in the room. Plus, there are not really any hard and fast rules to select cabinet pulls and knobs, while a modern kitchen can look stylish and updated with modern stainless knobs, or it can look cool and eclectic with vintage style knobs. The design choice, depends upon your preference, so get out there and start updating your kitchen style and bathroom cupboards.

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Create a new look for your windows

Windows can never be overlooked. It is an important constituent of the home. Home owners struggle to decided what kind of window treatment looks the best, leading them to give up and leave the windows bare or just add simple blinds for privacy. Here’s one thing that you need to remember- window begs to be dressed. By leaving your windows naked, you are missing out something. While those who are lucky enough can enjoy sea side views or mountain views may argue with this fact, but even the spectacular views can be framed by using stylish window panels. Windows can be dressed according to your own style and preference. You can go bold with windows by adding graphic and geometric curtain panels or beachy with gauzy white sheers or bamboo shades- the options are listless. If you are stressing about the possibilities then think about the color schemes that you have already in place. Sometimes, the simplest option is to match curtain panels to the colour on the walls- doing this will create a new style.

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