9 Recycling Ideas To Give Your Home A Sustainable And Eco-Touch

All of us have learnt about the three R’s in school: “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle”. At this point of time, when humans have destroyed a significant part of the environment, it is up to us to make this our motto, so that we can take care of both our planet and our families. You can recycle every old thing; plastic bottles and boxes, wooden furniture, car tires, CD cases, wine corks, cold drink cans, cutting boards, and every other stuff you can think of. Recycled materials, when used for home décor, not only find a use for old items but also gives a trendy and unique look to your home, along with an eco-touch. This blog-post is aimed at providing you with 9 recycling ideas so that you can use the worn-out stuff from your storeroom to decorate your house interiors.

  1. Colouring old vehicle tires

Whether you own a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, old tires are the most common scrap material in every home. Nevertheless, old tires have become a trendy interior decorative item, both at home and at restaurants. Colour the tires bright and use them as flower pots, small baby swings, or as couches (just add a cushion).

  1. Utilising the old plastic bottles

Another most commonly found waste products in homes are old plastic bottles. Not only bottles but also plastic bags act as great recycled articles. Plastic bags create the same effect as glass. Reuse them to create a lighting effect in your living room or dining. They can also be used as pendant lights or a sleek chandelier.

  1. Recycling with recyclable cardboards
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Many furniture companies have begun manufacturing cardboard furniture; cardboard beds, cardboard tables, cardboard chairs and even cardboard sofas. Cardboards are both durable and flexible. With its properties like easy folding, you can use the old cardboards to create bookshelves, file holders, cutlery holders, and many other decorative items.

  1. Glass bottles and jars

Another fantastic piece of reusable items is the glass jars. You can colour them with glass colours and use it as a flower vase, stick marble papers around it to make it a pen-holder, or use some vibrant ribbons to make it an attractive toffee jar for the kids.

  1. Ceramic cups

The cheap reusable ideas with ceramic cups are real fun. You can make hanging book holders,  cable organizers, aromatic gel candle holders or even small flower pots in no time with the ceramic cups (even whose handles are broken). If you have some nail polish, or acrylic paint, you can also make some DIY mugs, thus “renovating” the boring old ones. If you are having kids at home, you can draw cartoons of their favourite cartoon characters on the cups too.

  1. Wine corks

Corks are the most easy to make crafty things out of. In fact, Pinterest is flushed with dozens of cork ideas. Corks can be recycled to create housewarming gifts like monogram crafts, jewelry organizers, key chains, place holders garden markers, wall hangers and even a chandelier. If you want to try a bit more with corks, try making small vases, floor mats, and table mats.

  1. Tin cans
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Pringles, Coke, biscuits, milk maid and a dozen of other things come in tin cans. Small or big, every home possesses a big store of tin cans. Rather than dumping them in the bin, try making some lampshades with the tin cans. Engrave your name initials to add an extra personalized touch. Tin cans can also be used to make lively wind chimes, cutlery holders, fancy pencil holders, bottle racks, and even vintage style flower pots.

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  1. Wooden cutting boards

Cutting boards are the most common kitchenware found in every home. Old cutting boards can be customized with a simple etching tool. Make fun designs and shapes to make it more interesting on your kitchen rack. You can add some personalized design to the cutting board that will act as a brilliant Christmas, housewarming or birthday gift.

  1. CD crafts

With the advent of the pen drive, CDs have become obsolete. Most of us have a bunch of CDs at home with no use. So rather than throwing them away, utilize them for some mind-blowing CD crafts. CD crafts can be used to make DIY animal models, table centre pieces, coffee padding, candle holders, wind chimes, and even creative wall décors. CDs can be even used to make wall clocks, sun catchers, CD lamps, pretty photo frames or mosaic flower pots. You can get some brilliant CD craft ideas on Pinterest as well.

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These were only a few of the reusable items that can be invented to enhance your home décor. Additionally, you can use any throwaway items easily at your home with the help of some twists and turns. Using old items to revamp your house will save a lot of your pocket, and will also create a more sustainable way of living in these times of environmental crisis.

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