Three Kitchen Design Trends For This Winter

The average American spends 87% of their life indoors, which is why it is important to make your living space as warm and inviting as possible. This winter the trend is to make your kitchen a comfortable, family-friendly space that isn’t just for cooking – the kitchen should be the heart of the home. Here are three great design ideas to help transform your kitchen into a multi-functional space, where you look forward to spending time.

Lighting your kitchen, Hygge style

The Danish concept of togetherness and coziness, known as Hygge, is on trend this winter. It is the complete opposite of having an industrial kitchen with cold colors and stark lines. There is a big emphasis on lighting to create a feeling of warmth. Rather than using white ceiling lights, think about using side lamps with warm, yellow shades. You should aim to create pockets and caves of light within your kitchen. Candles are also an important part of creating a Hygge atmosphere. In Denmark, the average person lights candles, four days a week. They fill the room with a flickering, warm glow and bring a sense of movement and life. In your kitchen, put some candle holders in dark corners to illuminate your space.

Double kitchen islands

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If you have a larger kitchen, installing a double kitchen island will give the space a great flow. Not only will you be creating plenty of storage space, but also an informal dining area that you can use for meal times or parties. It is a great idea to install power points, tablet and smartphone charging into your kitchen islands – it should be a practical area to hang out. You can also use the space to set up your small kitchen appliances, such as blenders or sandwich toasters. Kitchen islands create a natural place where family and friends can get together, eat a snack, and discuss the events of the day.

Comfortable seating areas

In America, 58% of us have a joint kitchen and dining room – it is the hub of the home. We don’t just prepare food in the kitchen, we use the space to spend time with family and friends. Children do their homework, adults catch up on paperwork, or we watch a little T.V. When you are designing your kitchen, incorporating a comfortable seating area, with a small sofa will give you somewhere to spend time relaxing. Fill your seating space with tactile and warm fabrics, such as corduroy, velvet and faux fur, in natural and organic colors. Blankets and cushions will give it a feeling of coziness during the winter months.

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This winter, kitchen design is all about unity and warmth. You should be looking to create a space that is multi-functional and beautiful at the same time.

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