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Monsoon is the best way to get drenched in the rain, sit around by the window/balcony and watch the rain drops fall or simply enjoy a cup of coffee. But rains are also the times when the day becomes dreary, gloomy and dull. The décor at home also gets a makeover. The washed clothes don’t dry, children can’t go in rain and enjoy, kids get their uniform dirty and dark indoors lets your mood down.

Don’t let that gloom affect you internally and of course not your home. Cheer up your home with monsoon ready makeover. Follow these tips:


Bed Linen


When there is slight temperature drop during those months and you may want to keep your bedroom warm and inviting. Select the bed linen for your home. It is very important. Points to be taken care of while selecting the bed linen are:

Material, color and style are factors that you need to determine


Bedspread, duvet, cushion covers and pillows, all need to be chosen correctly. Since monsoons cast a dark shadow over your home, go for bright and vibrant shades. Yellow, green and orange are the best shades. Lighter shades increase the light available inside and add youthfulness to the space. Avoid darker tones. At the same time, don’t select white or beige shades for bed linen. They can be difficult to clean, if they get mud on it. Make the bedroom warm by adding pillow covers and cushions on the bed.

Candles and fragrances


Ensure that you add some candles and mild fragrances to your home to evade the moist smell away from the home. Keep them at coffee tables or side tables, so that you can lighten up the evening. Also, monsoon means power cut. This can be avoided by aromatic candles that offer light and fragrance at the same time.

Add bright shades in form of cushion covers


This tip is sure to create wonder. Bright shades through the use of cushion cover, area rugs make the monsoon lively in its true sense. Now, you can invite your family members and relatives to get the warm feeling with vibrant shades around the home and get on with endless laughter and conversation.

Add greenery in homes


One benefit of rains is you can witness a lot of greenery around. So, bring outdoors interiors. Literally you can add indoor plants in the home. Plants add brighter appearance to the room. Also, certain plants like money plants, bamboo shoots, Syngonium etc can be added in home. These plants grow more during water. Try keeping them on window shelves or window sill of the bathroom. It will helpful in controlling odor, but will also emit positive energy.

Add upholstery to home


For monsoon makeover add curtains and drapes. It is the best time to bring about a change in home. Heavy curtains during the winter season are no-no. The lighter curtains allow ample sunlight to enter in. the heavy curtains gets damped and leaves misty feeling in the room.

Flowers in the home


Remember those vases that you think are of no use, now it’s right time to fill up with some red roses, geraniums, lilies, etc. and arrange the flowers attractively in the vase. Not only it acts as a stress buster and mood reliever, it also perks up the space.

Wind chimes


Hang the wind chimes at the balcony or at a window. Whenever, there is a light breeze, the music will soothe the ears.

Add baskets and doormats in the home


Don’t forget to add a tall basket or a designated storage option or you can add them in your foyer or at entrance. Umbrellas and raincoats should be placed at the nearest so that one doesn’t forget to take it while going outside the home. A good rug can be placed near the entrance to absorb water that rain may bring in.

Add chinaware in the home


Buy some attractive chinaware in the home. Keep them at the center table. Don’t wait for special guests or special occasions. Just enjoy the moment. Enjoy the coziness of the home.

So, what kind of monsoon décor suits your home? Tell us your opinion about the same to beautify your home.

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