How to make living room lively

Now, forget the old plain looking living room. The room may be neglected for so many years,reason may be any. Consider the conventional fireplace, coving, woodwork, and plain white walls, the same old carpet may make the room look outdated and unloved. But after doing a living room makeover, you can make it look trendy and chic.

After the living room makeover- the new room will become recognizable- here’s how you can change the landscape of your living room. Following tips will help you:

1 Create a focal point- Replace conventional fireplace with a smaller one that don’t dominate the room the way it did earlier. The fireplace can also be designed depending upon your style and preferences. For instance, you can add interest to your living room by adding large print floral wallpapers. It will surely change the look of the room dramatically. Also, it will help you to create a focal point and draw attention of people towards that room.

Add contrasting color scheme- The room that was already dominated by beige color can be brought into life by adding contrasts like you can add a lime with yellow or red and white. Also, you can add contrasting elements in the room like accessories. It will give your living room a contemporary edge. There are innumerable coloring schemes to select from like:


Option One- Using the color wheel

The conventional color wheel can be used to find which contrasting scheme is the best for the living room. A color wheel consists of 12 segments that is based on the primary colors like red, yellow and blue. Secondary color includes green, orange and purple and it also appears on the wall. The remaining segments of the color wheel includes primary wheel blended with secondary colors that are named for the combination- like green and blue.
If you are opting for a color wheel theory, it will help you to decorate the room in a better fashion. This theory will make you understand what color contrast suits your room the best. Of course you’ll be able to coordinate with the overall theme of the bedroom.

It is not a whole room of course, but the blue color when used on floors, walls and furniture. It will make the room look awkward. It is better to use darker hues and lighter hues of the selected color. It will help to bring forth variety and it will still remain coordinated.

Also, you might select two or three colors that looks good with each other on the color wheel- for instance for green color, you can use yellow- green combination. This combination will coordinate with the overall look of the room. Alternatively, you can go for coordinated room by adding those colors that contrast with each other. Using more than colors spaced equally apart will make the room elegant.

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Keep in mind, whatever option you select, you need a break from conventional color in the room. So, you can even plan for neutral colors white. Don’t forget to add a pattern to a living room. Thus, this is the best way to bring selected colors together.
Option 2- Measure the overall area of the room- See at how much area you want that color to take. For instance, if a color is on the floor, then you can use the same in the similar proportion. If color is used in rug, vase, then you get similar effect.

2 Revamp old flooring- Now, its the right time to remove old carpet that is stored beneath honey colored wood. You need to buy a new rug and it is a practical way to bring a new outlook to the room. A large modern rug pulls away the scheme in a coordinated fashion. You can use various colors within an abstract fashion.

3 Add storage- The next way to revamp the old living room is by adding large storage units. The storage units includes open shelves for display of electronic items and there you can house other items. The storage place can also be revamped by adding paints of similar color as that of walls. It will make the room look attractive.

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4 Add Glam lightning- Lightning makes the room look attractive. For instance, you can add wall lights on dimmable switches. It may add a little character to the room. Alternatively, you can opt for a chandelier.

Thus, by following above-mentioned tips you can revamp the living room in a fabulous way.

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