Is your home geometrically inclined?

Gone are the days, when Vaastu Shastra used to dominate the home. Now, the trend is fast changing and it has given rise to a new term “geometrically aligned” room. Wondering what this new trend is all about? Well, in this ever growing genre home decoration where nothing is permanent is reigning supreme. In this article, we will provide you tips on how to play off with this trend without going overboard and overwhelming. So, get set ready for some symmetrical decor that lends your space a sense of linearity and balance. Let’s get started:

Tip 1-add geometrical shape upholstery and linen-punchy and geometric prints give the spaces a modern and contemporary facelift and flair. Starting from upholstery to curtains to bed linen, cushion covers or even table mats, there is no going wrong with this trend in small doses. For instance, greek, graphic, retro and chevron are some go options. Deck up your sofa or your queen size bed with plus sized cushion covers that come in monochrome look or even in multiple hues.

What actually it is? Chevron color day bedspread
From where to buy? AA Living, Mumbai
At what price? Range from Rs 6300 for a king size bed with two shams
This dual color bedspread combines two incredibly chic trends-monochrome and geometric home decor. Complement it with a single color oversized seating to balance the interiors.
Geometric shaped furniture- Geometric furniture gives a room a sense of completion and a grid like accuracy. This could entail hexagonal side tables, cube pouffes, linear chairs, diamond centre tables and much more. You can incorporate this look for large living room or in the study rooms to get the maximum impact. Again don’t go overboard with a single shape, as it can overcrowd the space.

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What actually it is? Classic book shelve
From where to buy? The great eastern home Mumbai
At what price? Price on request
This classic wooden bookshelf has lot of uses. Like it is not only functional but also adds linear precision to the room’s furnishing.
In a nutshell, get ready to make your home geometrically inclined. Hope this information was helpful!

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