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There’s a ton of reasons why wood floors are as popular now as they were many moons ago, we’ve decided to take you through some of our own thoughts as to why wood flooring is still slaying in 2017!

Classic but modern appearance
There’s no denying that wood floors are a timeless class, but just because something is classic doesn’t necessarily mean that it is dated. In fact, you’ll find that most modern houses have wood flooring or floors that appear to be wood i.e. laminate and vinyl in wood effect. Wood flooring compliments most modern decor but has the ability to retain a traditional, rustic appearance too.

Not only do wood floors offer a beautiful finish to any room, but they’re built to last too. In fact some wood floors can even outlive the house that they’re installed in – crazy, eh? So how come they last so long? Well the thing about real wood floors is that they can be sanded and refinished more times than any other floor, so if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from wear and tear you can repair it easily.
light wood flooring
Pairing with interiors
Wood flooring is much easier to pair with different interiors and pieces of furniture than carpet (unless of course you’re a beige kinda person). Due to the fact that wood comes in so many neutral tones and shades you are not limited when it gets down to designing your room, wood flooring suits any look, whether you’re into super-sleek modern gadgets and furniture or keep it classical with soft furnishings and luxury rugs and throws.

Wood flooring is perfect if you’re looking to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Not only is it warm in appearance but wood is a great insulator, it literally retains the heat within the boards making them a real pleasure to walk on.

If you or any of your family members suffer from those pesky dust and pollen allergies then you’ll be glad to hear that a wood floor could be the answer to all your problems (sort of). You see unlike carpets, wood floors don’t trap dust and irritants, once you’ve swept/vacuumed the floor they are gone for the foreseeable!

Easy to clean
Probably one of the most valid reasons as to why wood flooring is so popular, it’s really easy to maintain. Gone are the days of worrying about spills and stains instead; simply wipe away the incident and we’ll say no more about it. It’s important to remember that wood can absorb excess levels of moisture causing the board to warp in shape so if someone does spill anything it’s crucial to clean it up as soon as possible. As for general cleaning, no need to vacuum every day, a simple sweep should do the trick along with a weekly vacuum.

Types of wood floors:
When it comes to wood flooring you will often see two main types, finished or unfinished. So what’s the difference between them? Well, it pretty much means what it says on the tin. Finished wood flooring comes sanded, sealed (and delivered – sorry!) straight from the factory whereas unfinished wood is just that – unfinished. It’s a bare naked board if you will! With that information, which is the best? That really depends on your situation, if you would rather put your own spin on the flooring and have it suit your personal taste then you would be better off with unfinished wood. However, if you know what you want and you want it quick then finished flooring would be the safest option.


Brazilian cherry hardwood floor

Yes you read that correctly, species, of wood. not animals. There are lots of species of wood available on the market but the most popular/common tend to be oak, walnut, maple and bamboo (which is technically a grass). Most manufacturers work with loggers who abide by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) rules that help to keep deforestation to a minimum, so you can buy your flooring guilt-free!

So there you have it, just a couple of reasons why we think wood flooring is the best option for your home!

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