9 House Plants To Brighten Up Your Indoors During Lockdown Of COVID-19

Yes, now we all know that all of us have to stay locked up in our homes for the next 21 days, as per Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent address on COVID-19. Of course, you can spend your time browsing through YouTube videos or catching up on the series and movies you missed on Netflix. But how long will you do that? After few hours your eyes are gonna swell and brain nerves jammed. Jumping over to some other ‘things to do’ during the lockdown period come the creative listings of life; reading, painting, poetry, creative writing, cooking, gardening and many more. In this post, I have chosen the creative listing of gardening and penned down 9 beautiful indoor plants for your ‘lockdown home décor ideas’. You can put an indoor plant anywhere; balcony, living room, bedroom, toilets, windows and some even in your gardens.

Not only will the house plants transform the way your rooms looked, but will also help in purifying the air around you and provide a soothing atmosphere for you to live in. They are aesthetically pleasing to look at, besides a few of the plants bear Vaastu and Feng Shui benefits as well! So, here you go!

Gerbera Daisy

There many different varieties of this plant, all of them having vibrant colours, like white, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow. This plant will surely add colour to your gloomy days of shutdown. You can find this plant all through the year at affordable prices and is very helpful in absorbing toxins from the air.

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Rubber tree

indoor-plants-1 9 House Plants To Brighten Up Your Indoors During Lockdown Of COVID-19
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No doubt, the broad, shiny, oval leaves of rubber tree will add life to your rooms and indoors. It can grow more than a hundred feet in natural environments, but you can manage to grow it to ten feet inside your house. These are inexpensive and low maintenance, plus it is safe for kids staying during the lockdown period because it does not have any allergy-causing properties.

Areca palm

Areca palm is a versatile plant which you can use to decorate your office or your own house. Originating from Madagascar and Andaman, the plant is highly effective in removing pollutants (ranked 8th by NASA), hence, one of the best house plant option for those who are locked down with their kids.

Aloe Vera

indoor-plants-2 9 House Plants To Brighten Up Your Indoors During Lockdown Of COVID-19
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If you are a beauty-conscious person who is unable to go to parlour during the lockdown, here is a plant for all your beauty needs. Owing to its anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties, Aloe Vera is well known for its soothing and healing properties. At this time of the lockdown, you can even skip going to your local store for cosmetics and treat your dry hair and parched skin with the naturally occurring aloe gel, that too at your home!

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Pachira money tree

This plant is believed to bring good luck, and according to Vaastu and Feng Shui, it must be placed inside the house (except in bedrooms) in south-west direction. Though the name suggests that the plant may bear dollars as fruit, but sadly no, it won’t. It’s just so that it will bring good luck and prosperity to your life. If you are locked down with pets, the money tree is absolutely safe for them as well.


Croton is a foliage-type plant. It has medicinal uses as well, oils being made from the seeds. It relieves gall bladder problems, malaria and blocked intestines. If you want to highlight any corner of your living room or hall, the colourful crotons are a good choice. It also absorbs the harmful pollutants and VOCs from the air.

Anthurium andraeanum

These are gorgeous plants with heart-shaped, striking red flowers and deep green leather-textured leaves. This is one of the plants listed in NASA’s clean air study, meaning it is effective in removing pollutants like ammonia and formaldehyde, from your atmosphere.

Moth orchids

indoor-plants-3 9 House Plants To Brighten Up Your Indoors During Lockdown Of COVID-19
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‘Moth orchids’ refer to an entire genre of plants consisting of about 70 species of orchids. These plants are long-lasting and easy to grow. The added benefit of these orchids is that they slowly release moisture in the air, which helps in smooth respiration. It will be best if you keep this in your bedroom, considering that you must be feeling restless thinking about your relatives and friends during the lockdown, as the orchids will give you a peaceful sleep. Though these are high-maintenance plants, the orchids are very effective in removing harmful substances from the air.

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Peace lily

indoor-plant 9 House Plants To Brighten Up Your Indoors During Lockdown Of COVID-19
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Another great indoor plant with shiny green leaves, which does not need direct sunlight is Peace Lily. You can put them beside your window or balcony. These are highly popular nowadays owing to their low-maintenance. You can also place this plant in your bathrooms, as this will absorb moisture from the air and prevent any mildew formation. This plant purifies the air, and hence is great to be placed in the bedroom and living room. While staying indoors peace lilies are equally beneficial for kids and pets, because they do not produce any toxins.

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