Dining Room Design Ideas

Dining is one of the greatest delights in life of an individual. But what do you need to know before buying a dining table or chairs. Here’s a post that describes the same.

Whether you want to feast for an occasion or want to enjoy the party, there is a particular table that suits every occasion. It also depends upon your preferences like do you like the painted designs with curved legs or do you want seriously designed wood table or want to opt for glass tops. There are innumerable styles to chose from. Commencing from Victorian style, to traditional to practical leg tables, markets are decked with variety. So, select the same depending on your needs.

Whether it will suit your home or not- It is necessary to select furniture with due care. It should have an inviting appeal and should lend an interest to your space. Instead of buying a dining table from here and there, it is crucial to do homework. An open plan kitchen dinner requires furniture that should go well with the kitchen units. High back chairs are the best way to divide dining area in a living room, while low back chairs gives an illusion of large space. For a room that is dedicated to a dining area, select furniture accordingly. Commencing from rich wood, polished wood, you can select accordingly. Also, you can opt for a circular table- it will help you to utilize the space optimally. Also, you can go for a rectangle table or a square table. It renders an expensive look to the room. Oval  shape is also good.

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Size- The best way to find an ideal table is to measure the room size. Depending upon that select a table that fits to your room. You need a table of at least 61 cm between the table and wall or it can ideally be 90 cm.


Depending upon people that you want to fit around it, add at least 53cm, or more generous 60 cm per place setting for a round table, it should be around 75cm or alternatively measure the space in the room. If you are planning to buy a set of chairs, it would include carvers( chairs with arms), but you will be able to fit more people around the table if you select side chairs. Trendsetting benches are best for the kids, but adults won’t find it good. So, select accordingly.

How to select a table

A solid wood top is the preferred choice because even if gets damaged, it can be refinished and sanded, a few knocks and scratches adds charm and character to the home. Majority of tables are made from combination of materials like wood, veneers, etc. One can even opt for synthetic veneers (made from pvc foils or paper) it look similar to wood. If a veneered top gets damaged, one can easily repair the same.

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Which finish to go for- One can opt for French Polish, it gives table an old-fashioned look, but it is unfriendly and repairs tend to be expensive. Most of all, table should be protected under a table cover. If you are a busy bee, opt for a lacquered finish. All you need is a light dusting with soft cloth. However, in case the finish gets damaged, you don’t need to repair it yourself. Wax and oil finish also works well. Moreover, it is resistant to marking and you have the benefit of re-waxing them on a timely basis by filling in minor scratches.

How to buy a chair- If you want to go for pure comfort, opt for upholstered chairs, though they need to be covered with a new fabric, if it gets too dirty. Beneath the cover, go for the seats that have webbing and foam or springs that will last for a long time and are more comfortable. Wood chairs tend to be practical, but one can feel hard after some point of time, while cane and rush that contains padding are the best. Wood and cane furniture have advantage over fabric covered. It can be easily cleaned up. A hardwood frame and legs are more durable, but softwood can be used for carved designs. For comfort, go for a chair that is at least 52 cm to 56 cm wide, with a height of around 46 cm.

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Last but not the least; check the table heights. It may vary, so it is crucial to check the same. A table should be placed firmly on the feet.

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