Ethnic home decoration ideas

Indian homes are generally high on ethnicity, but what about style? Well, when a bride leaves her home, she carries lot of baggage about her past life as well as fear about present life, so it is important to greet her ethnically. In this post, we will suggest you some how to greet a newly married woman.

Remember some point about ethnic home décor ideas

  • Ethnic home décor is very rich and sensual
  • It carries lot of tradition with it
  • The homes are usually decked up with lot of sequins, coloured embroidery and much.
  • Indian home décor somehow reflect Indian culture in some or other way

Have a look at these splendid Indian ethnic home décor ideas to spruce spirit of festive season.

Floral Centrepieces are must for contemporary homes– Floral centerpieces are the best way to decorate Indian home. You can use the floral centerpieces for a table in the living room or as floral printed table cloth. To spice home decoration further, you can go for particular pattern or print. It will add uniformity to the home.

Add temple art in your home– Temple Art is another ethnic home decoration idea. Temple prints are generally bold and loud. However, ensure that you use temple print as designs on white walls. It will add spiritual ambiance to your home.

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Deck up your home lanterns– Gone are the days, when people used to resort to brick and mortar oil lanterns to light up their home. Nowadays, people use paper and plastic lanterns to enlighten home. These lanterns not only illuminate home but also adds unique colour to the home. These two kinds of lanterns can be used in several ways like you can repaint it, redesign it or use them for other purposes.

Incorporate Indian mementos in home– We all know Indian culture is potpourri of tradition and values. If you are an avid traveler, collect mementos from different places and add it to your centre table, dining table or showcase to reflect Indian culture.

Add Indian elements to your home-Do you wish to reflect tribal culture of India in your home? Use tribal home décor. Remember decorating your home with Indian elements add a natural hue to the room. It will make your home look trending and stylish.

Arts and crafts– Nothing beats, Indian arts and crafts, so why not decorate home with classic ethic arts like carvings and sculptures. Wooden sculpture created from bamboo is traditional and classic. Paintings can be used to décor home.

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