Furnishing Your Apartment on a Budget

Let’s say you already have your own apartment, but it still lacks the essential furniture and other things you need to live. You are planning to shop for interiors, but you have to make do with a given budget, as spending beyond that might put your finances in toll. So, if you are having problems in furnishing your apartment mainly because you can’t find the pieces that would suit both your taste and budget, then here are some tips to help you out:

1. Set your priorities. What are the things which you exactly need? You won’t always be using a home theater system, but will always sleep on a bed, store clothes in a closet and cook food on a stove. Hence, see first that you obtain the items that you will use on an everyday basis-all the rest can be brought into the home later on.

2. Purchase the important things right away. Buying the furnishings on your list immediately helps because it helps you avoid getting tempted to pick other stuff that don’t really have a purpose on your home. When you do get tempted, it is much likely that you end up short on your budget, and become incapable of purchasing the items you actually need.

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3. Scout for second-hand items. There are some good finds in thrift shops and garage sales, such as couches and certain appliances. Most-second hand furniture are just sold because they’re old, but make sure to check for parts that are in need of repair so you know if the items are worth your money or not.

4. Consider ready-to-assemble furniture. Some beds, closets and dividers come in ready-to-assemble structures. They are cheaper than the traditional bulky furniture pieces, and they are also convenient since they can be disassembled once you move to a new home or location.

5. Pick versatile items and decorations. Go for classic-style lamps and side tables-they are flexible and versatile, and they can stay stylish even if your home ideas change. They are also easily matched with trendy curtains and linens over time.

6. Invest on long-term items such as cushions. Buying brand new cushions and mattresses are a must, for simple, important reasons. First, using a second-hand cushion tears up easily, as it has been used and became distorted over time, and second, a brand new cushion is more hygienic. You don’t want to be bitten by bed bugs or other parasites while sleeping, right?

You don’t really have to settle for less, just because you have a small budget to spend for your apartment decorations. In fact, there are times when less is more; it’s all about the proper planning and choosing the right pieces.

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To further stretch your budget, you may want to see if the items you already have would fit your apartment’s furnishing needs. You can then ditch the ones you no longer need and use those that fit in to the style that you want. You can also create DIY projects using the materials available in your home.

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