How to decorate heart themed bedroom

A teen girls bedroom need not to be added with posters, and the space should not be filled with stuffed animals or any kind of childish decor. It can still look stylish and sophisticated as a room for an adult, but it can still have its own charm and fun. Heart themed decor is ideal for a teenage girl. The conventional symbol of love offers a lot of options from decorating beds to walls to the flooring. A gorgeous themed bedding, unique wall decor express your style, the space can look astonishing. Here are some ideas on how to decorate a teen kids bedroom with style and statement.

Incorporate a heart patterned comforter along with throw pillows

A comforter with a heart pattern is perfect for decorating a teen bedroom in that theme. You can even shop on online basis and get the best selection, or consider buying your own. Go for a large stamp and fabric paint to create hearts on a boldly colored comforter. You can complete the bed with coordinating throw pillows. Select a few ultra-soft fuzzy ones. It not only look fantastic, but it also look comfortable and relaxing.

Paint the wall at the head using chalkboard paint

When decorating a teen bedroom in a heart theme, create a wall and add notes. It need to be covered in cork or dry erase material. Paint the wall at the head of the bed along with a chalkboard paint. It comes in several hues, but black is the best when coupled with pink, white and red. Teen girls will like this.

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Incorporating a dress form with a cute outfit

If you want to make the bedroom look special and outstanding, buy a dress form. She can use it as a cute display outfit. She can use it with a heart shaped pendant by keeping heart theme in place.
A word for wise- don’t overdo the number of hearts to decorate a bedroom.

Minimal is the best when decorating any kind of theme. Additionally, a well-selected gorgeous hearts, pretty window treatments, ,make the room look really fantastic. Room darkening blinds along with flowing scarf valances are just the perfect. While using drapery, use panels as well and tie them back with the ribbons that have been laced through small hearts or something that is equally stylish and unique.

By incorporating above-mentioned theme in your bedroom, you can make it look really stunning.

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