How to create a visually appealing home?

Creating a visually decorating home is not tedious. Here are simple steps on how to create visually decorative home:

Well planned color scheme is important

Asian-paints-shade-card-picture How to create a visually appealing home?
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Areas of the home that seamlessly flow into each other can be painted in a similar color scheme. Visually decorated room will make it look large, as if they have a common color scheme binding together. It is seen that using light colors make spaces look larger, whereas dark colors can make the room appear tiny and enclosed. While selecting a color scheme, make sure that you do some research on color psychology to understand its impact on residents. You can define individual spaces by adding artifacts or accent walls, if the architect provides a distinct wall space to accommodate it. Lightning play a crucial role in creating false illusion of space.


Use a single style of flooring through the living space or at least adjoin rooms can create a sense of continuity and connectedness. It is really useful if you have an open layout and floor plan is small.


Mirrors are important

Mirrors are decorative accent pieces that create false illusion of space. A mirrored wall is the best way to open up space. The reflective surface creates an optical illusion of having double space than actually it is. You can even buy glass topped tables and glass fronted cabinets thereby minimizing heavy, wood objects in the home.

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