How to add interest to your rental space

The internet is flooded with innumerable articles and television shows that highlights on how to decor your home. But what if you are not proud owner of that home? What if you are living on a rent? All these things changes the scenario a little bit. Since you won’t be allowed to make huge changes in interior decoration like you can’t add wallpaper, paint or add flooring. Well, these are temporary decorating ideas. In this article we have enlisted on how to decorate a rental space. The catch is that no permanent changes is required.

Folding Screens– If your rented apartment is spacious and open , or simply rooms with meager privacy or unusually shaped room, then consider donning things with a folding screen or a room divider. It will not only help to define a particular area of the home, but it will help to break the dreary walls concept generally prevalent in the rental properties.

Mirrors– The best way to decorate a rental space is to incorporate mirrors in the room. Experiment with mirrors, as it will give false illusion of a large space. Additionally, it is the best getaway for natural light.

Wall appliques– It is the most sought after way to add temporary decoration to your room. These products are available in different shapes, sizes and goes well with other decorating schemes. All you need to do is to select from different patterns, designs, words, lettering, etc. It is even available in glitter, writable chalkboard finishes, etc. You can easily remove it and place it wherever you want it on the wall. It is the best way to remove without damage.

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Tile Decals– Another option is to add temporary tile decals to your rental space. If you are decorating dreary looking kitchen or bathroom, then use temporary wall tiles. It is easy to apply and one can easily remove it without any hassle. Best, it doesn’t look like stickers placed on a tile. It is similar to original pattern of the tile.

Fabric– In case you are decorating a rental space or any other space, fabric is your ally. Fabric adds interest to your room. It is a disguise to hide an imperfect wall along with fabric panels or draperies. One can even add a zing of color to dreary looking room by adding throw pillow or rugs.

Movable Storage– In order to keep your rental space neat and clean remove excessive storage items. Like use wheeled carts for serving and add storage space in the kitchen, while stacked cube is the best option for a bedroom. Rolling pantries optimizes cabinet space, and can be used when you move.

The idea is not to spend a bomb in decorating a rental space. Bear in mind, that small touch of personalization can go a long way. Additionally, you can even add potted plants to add color to the room and make home inviting and interesting. Keep your space clutter free and welcoming.

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