How to select right kind of bed?

In this fast paced economic times, the last thing that one wants is sleepless night and uncomfortable bed. Though the stores in the city offer personalized, ready made beds, but it is important to understand your requirements and needs. Selecting the right bed needs lot of care and that provides you uninterrupted sleep. In this article, we will provide you tips on how to select the perfect bed.

Understand the needs and requirements

Though wide variety of beds is available, starting from canopy beds to box beds to bunk beds, it is important to understand your personal requirements. Don’t let your decision be influenced by furniture in the home or relatives or friends.  Select a bed based on particular need in your home.

Don’t compromise with comfort

Buy a bed that makes you feel the most comfortable when you stretch your legs on it. Ensure that your bed is long enough to adjust your height and there is enough leg space.

Durability is important

Buying a bed is a single time affair, so it should be sturdy and durable. Buy the bed and its framework completely before you purchase it. If you select a bed made from wrought iron, check the legs of the bed. It should be sturdy not hollow. Make sure that the edges are not left unfinished, no nails should be protruding out and there should not be sharp corner. For iron beds, carefully check the nooks and corners of the bed to find out if it is rusted from anywhere. If you find even a tint of rust, don’t buy the same.

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It should complement with overall decor

When you enter the bedroom in the home, the first thing that catches your attention should be the bed as it occupies a major chunk of room interior. Ensure that the bed that you opt for complements with overall decor. If you are opting for a wood framework, ensure when you polish wood it should blend with color scheme of the room. Ideally, the head of the bed is a part that is exposed maximum, so you can either decorate it or keep it simple.

It should take care of medical emergencies

People suffering from problem of back ache or other medical concerns like spondylitis, need to be doubly careful when they buy a bed or the mattress.


In areas where humidity is more, wood beds should not be preferred as it tend to catch moisture and get damaged.  Keep the humidity quotient low by keeping the windows closed and allowing enough of sunlight to enter the home during day. This will keep furniture dry and avoid fungus growth.

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