How to give fresh look to your kitchen

If you don’t have the money to revamp the kitchen to the fullest i.e. from floor to ceiling, then don’t get disappointed. Here we have compiled the list of tricks on how to add a new look to the kitchen. These are simple ways to add personalized touch too:

Paint the Kitchen

traditional-kitchen-designs How to give fresh look to your kitchen
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Paint the Kitchen

There are enough of kitchen adapted paints that can offer a new look to the kitchen. These paints are resistant to stains and other household products. Plus, there are enough of options to select from, so now you don’t need to hesitate any longer. With this cheap option, you can easily create contemporary that you once dreamt of or even play with colors in order to get more striking resemblance. The changes in the kitchen will definitely be noticeable.

Change accessories of the kitchen
Change Handles

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Change Accessories

Does the painting seem to be a restrictive option? Well, now the makeover of kitchen can become easy and considerate with some detailed work. Yes, here we are referring to bringing a small change in the kitchen accessories like door knobs, handles or changing of kitchen cabinets. The markets are decked with enough of options like colorful, classic or original- you can select them depending upon your personality. Thus, it is the best way to customize the kitchen without breaking the bank. There are innumerable online shopping outlets that have amazing custom made accessories that suit your décor, without breaking your budget. So, now go on and décor your home, as per your whims and wishes.

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Change Chairs of the Kitchen

kitchen-wallpaper How to give fresh look to your kitchen
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Another accessory that cannot be overlooked is changing the chairs of the kitchen. It is one of the most neglected, but important aspect that can bring a change in décor of the kitchen. Perhaps more than a table, these chairs will set the tone of the kitchen. These chairs are available in different options like fancy designer touch option, colorful option, or rustic option, while being super comfortable. So, now it is the right time to buy chairs and add a new look to the kitchen.

Changing faucets

It is often believed that faucets can’t change the kitchen, but it can definitely make the kitchen look more stylish and contemporary, all without spending a lot of amount. Select bold color like red or black or in an original format, so that it instantly attracts visitor.
2 Change the look of the kitchen- Walls

 Paint the furniture

lavish-black-white-kitchen-design How to give fresh look to your kitchen
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Paint furniture

If painting the kitchen furniture seems to be a tedious task, you can concentrate on part of the wall just above the countertops. This rework can automatically bring a drastic change in the overlook of the kitchen. By adding special paints that are washable one can add a new life to the kitchen.

Add wall coverings to the kitchen

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Another way to give volume to the kitchen counter tops and kitchen area is to install wall coverings between your cabinets and counter tops. They are easy to install and have adhesive backs. Plus they will stick to whatever kind of wall that you already own. There are enough of options like landscapes, wall quotes with metallic effects, to choose from.
Bring change in the lightning of the kitchen

For the super cozy makeover of the kitchen, add some tiled light. Yes, now with lights, you can give instant facelift to the kitchen without burning a hole in your pocket like for example, you can install back-lit glass panels, that will create effective lightning around the countertops and kitchen workstation. The principle that you need to keep in mind is, don’t be aggressive, just be minimalist.

You can install backlit glass panels, that will create a very effective lighting around your countertops and workstation. Best of all, it won’t be aggressive towards your eyes.
Incorporate suspended lights

Sometimes in order to give fresh look to the kitchen, all you need to do is to think innovatively. Yes, by changing the suspended lights one can create a big impact in the kitchen. With more or less soft lightning, you can create changes in the overall atmosphere. Of course in this way you can adjust the suspended lightning according to style of the kitchen or highlight the room colors. It is a simple way to customize the kitchen and make it more inviting for the guests.

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