Is It Time to Renovate Your Bathroom?

For the past years the bathroom has been an entirely functional part of the house, and apart from those posh houses dwelt by the rich and famous, the bathroom has had very little emphasis on design and décor. Times have changed, however, for nowadays a plain and stark bathroom all the household members use can be transformed into a haven of ease and relaxation, just like the other rooms of the house. With bathroom renovations, memories of cramped space and hurried showers will forever be gone.

Since the bathroom is one of the frequently used rooms in the house, it is also the most visible to guests. The privacy when using the bathroom gives guests the opportunity for keen observation. Bathrooms are most commonly used to gauge the entire house. Thus, bathroom design has become a high priority for many homeowners.

Factors to Look At

When doing bathroom renovations, one must first analyze the current situation of the bathroom he plans to transform. Consider the space in the bathroom, its overall dimensions-is it too cramped and thus needs to be enlarged? Do the shelves contribute more to the clutter rather than keeping the bathroom neat? Does the shower need a replacement? Try to check all the parts of the bathroom and after which decide on what modifications should be done.

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While planning the made-to-measure bathroom, you need to choose a particular decorating style: traditional, contemporary or rustic? The right choice holds of utmost significance for it will influence the choice of faucets, light fixtures, and other accents. Decide on what would give the bathroom an entirely new setting. Would the bathroom look better with new bath or a separate shower?  Is it okay to place more storage space under the sink?  A few more light sources such as lamps may be of great help as well.

When seeking the right bathroom type for a bathroom renovation, it is best to consider to those who will be using the bathroom and how often. The location, desired features, and perhaps coming up with a universal bathroom design for handicap accessibility will come in handy.

Finally, bathroom styles are given the last, but certainly the most substantial priority in bathroom renovations. In a family bathroom, more space is thus required, and is usually situated close to the bedroom areas of the house. This kind of bathroom is used by multiple family members, and is expected to contain larger amounts of space for storage.

A typical family bath includes a toilet and vanity sink, and a tub and shower.

Meanwhile, the master bathroom is quite large, with areas for features like a Jacuzzi tub, sauna, partitioned toilet, multiple sinks, as well as dressing area. A master bathroom is usually accessible only from the master bedroom, and serves as a private haven for the homeowners. Master bathrooms often display custom cabinets; ceramic or exotic stone tile, and gilded bathroom faucets and inlaid countertops.

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The final point to consider in bathroom renovations is color. Color is mainly influenced by the bathroom type and style. Yes, the style and theme of the home should compliment with the bathroom design.

Other Considerations

Among the main points to look at when undertaking bathroom renovations are providing sufficient floor space on both sides of a door. You may want to use only tempered glass for the doors and partitions, while faucets should be accessible from outside the tub or shower in order to make the limited bathroom space more functional. Of course all activity centers should be illuminated with sufficient task lighting.

Doing the bathroom renovations may be done independently or by hiring a contractor. Depending on the plan, bathroom renovations may cost cheaper at either way, but all these strategies should be made under the guidance of the allotted budget.

When planning to do the bathroom renovations alone, have the wirings and vents checked by a well-trained technician first. Prices in most cases include plastering, painting, plumbing, wiring, relocation or replacement of windows, the renewal of fixtures and fittings, cabinet additions and surfacing.

Try thinking of other bathroom decors as well. A Plan B always does a good job especially when the initial findings of the first job do not produce favorable results. Try having other parts such as electricity and air vents before doing the job in order to keep the expenses cheaper.

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