15 Table Design Ideas To Style Your Home

Tables are an integral part of home décor. A dining space without a dining table, a library corner without a study table and a drawing-room without an all-purpose centre table sound no good. Contemporary or antique, tables are the eye-catchers of your interior décor. And a unique and lively table set-up no doubt is going to ‘steal the show’ of your home furnishings. If you are wondering how to do all this, then you have landed upon the right page. This post aims at 15 table design ideas (for various types of tables) to give your home an extra burnish of style and utility.

Dining table design ideas

They say you not only share food at the dining but also emotions. It is a place where friends and families gather to share words and foods. While the colour of the dining space must be taken care of, the furniture herein should also get an attractive look to make your feast unforgettable.

  • Glass dining tabletops will make your dining space look both stylish and decent. Make sure you choose tempered safety glass while buying one. You can further decorate your dining table by placing some greenery like money plants and ferns. Put them in colour-popping handicraft or antique vases and see the change yourself!
  • Polished marbles have always made its way when comes to home furnishings like tabletops and cutlery. Choose the white marble tabletop for more elegance. Marbles are both durable and easy to maintain. Pair your marble table with a stack of coasters. They are not only useful on the table but also give the space a personalized touch.
  • Another classy tabletop idea is that of a tile tabletop. Pick up your own choice of tile and ask your carpenter to place them at the table surface. You can also mix and match the designs for a more appealing look. If you go for an intricate tile, don’t decorate the equipment much. Else, you can always place a stylish salt-pepper holder or a set a napkin box and place mat to revamp the look.
  • No doubt the traditional wooden tables are one of the best choices for a dining table. You can simply put on a table cloth or add some bead embellishments to adorn the plane. Bring in some brilliant candles to make the look edgier.
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Study table design ideas

Every home has a dedicated space for the study. It may not necessarily be a library, but any quiet corner of your house that allows you to focus and grow. You may marvel that it will need heavy bookshelves, drawers and lamps, but it is not always! You can easily groom your study corner by following these few tips and ideas.

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  • In case there is a scarcity of space in your house, get a compact study table. These are both stylish and easy to adjust at any corners of your home.
  • Work-from-home fellows choose another wood finished classic study table to meet their deadlines. They come with shelves and some extra spaces to fit in your non-study materials. You can further revamp the table corners by placing a family photo or a personalized pen holder to make it livelier.
  • Another brilliant idea for a study table is the home office type. It has cupboards, shelves, drawers and whatnot. This is the perfect choice for those who don’t have a dedicated study room in their home.
  • Additionally, you can colour the study table depending on your moods. Colours bring in more positive energy to your study thus enhancing your capabilities and decisions. You can also furnish an adapted corner at the study by placing your favourite coffee cup, a small speaker or any other souvenir you are fond of.
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Coffee table design ideas

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Well, people mostly call it centre table where they can put their coffee, books, vases, water bottles and everything in the world. Nevertheless, this is the most cluttered part of the house which is uncluttered only when we expect guests. But every fancy of an eye-catching coffee table (and not centre table) in the house? Here are your points on how to do so:

  • It is either wooden or glass tabletops that people choose as a centre table aka coffee table. If you have a big sized table, bring in some fancy trays to compartmentalize things. Separate books, newspapers, souvenirs and everything in individual trays. This will make the look more clean and organized.
  • Try to keep some space on the tabletop untouched. If you have a big centrepiece, vase or books to put on the coffee table, corner them at one end of the table while leaving the other corner free and open. This will allow you to have more space on your table where you can even play some games.
  • Bringing in some greenery is another sleek option for designing a coffee table. Put some house plants like jasmine or lily at the table and see the magic yourself!
  • Another wonderful makeover for coffee tables is to rotate its design according to seasons. For example, if it is summer, you can put fresh flowers or a few scented candles, if otherwise replace them with antique vases and seashells. Orchids are also a great idea for the spring months.
  • If you wish to design a coffee table that is an ice-breaker, place any board game on it. Chess, Brain vita or Chinese-Checker is a few of the popular options that act as a great conversation starter with your guests.
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Festive table design ideas

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Undoubtedly, you want to give your same old table a new look during the festivities. Choose some festival-customized decorations and designs to startle up your guests. In the meantime, have a quick look below:

  • Place some brilliant eye-catching centrepieces that match the moods and hues of the festivity. Or else, you can go much simpler. Say, for Holi, put a fancy tray full of various colours, or a fruit basket during your Ramadan fasting days. These simple ideas will render both an appealing and vibrant look to your table.
  • Get some gorgeous tulips. Tulips are some wonderful table décors for regular festivities like birthday and anniversary. Put them in glass jars and tie a ribbon around it! It’s just WOW!

The table is one of the most brilliant parts of our house that we often tend to neglect. This versatile yet stylish home furniture redefines our moods thus rendering a personal touch to our spaces.

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