8 Things To Remember Before Decorating Your Kid’s Room

Whether you have a joint family or a nuclear one, there must be a kids’ room at your house. Your child will not only just sleep or study in this room, but they will also nurture their personality and character here. Doesn’t matter if you have an apartment or a villa… make sure your children’s room is personalized to their tastes. This blog-post is aimed at 8 things to remember before decorating your kid’s room.

  1. Give value to your children’s choices

Whenever we go out to shop for home essentials, we pay heed to the advice of all family members of the house. But while looking to decorate your child’s room, you should always put your child’s preference first. This is even more important if your kid is 7-8 years of age or older, because at this time their choices matter the most. Particularly, the colour of the walls, cabinets, study corners and all other trivial details should be determined after talking to the child. It is a common tradition to colour a girl-child’s room pink and adorn it with princess and doll toys, and colour a boy-child’s room blue and adorn it with cars and soldiers. You mustn’t follow this while furnishing your child’s room: let them choose their colour and decorations.

  1. Make sure your child’s room has a bright colour

If your child is a toddler, their room MUST be very colourful; red, yellow, orange, green or blue. Also, ensure that this colour is not way too flashy. You can use a theme for your room: cartoons, gardens, aquarium, space; something your child will enjoy looking at and can also learn from. Always remember that a teenager and a middle-schooler will have vastly different choices: your teenage kid may like to put up photos of their achievements, or prizes, or posters of their favourite icons.

  1. Make the study corner as attractive as possible
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Let’s be real: no kid likes to study, but they have to! Hence, a study table is an inevitable part of a child’s room. You should decorate it in such a manner that your child is keen to sit there for long hours. Utilize the walls as an educational display board: Hang a world map, an alphabetical description, or some easy math problems. Always make sure that the height of the table and the chair is appropriate for your kid. Irregular height of the furniture may cause back pain or a strained shoulder to the little ones. You can also place a bookshelf or a desktop table at the study depending upon your child’s requirements.

  1. Don’t stuff your kid’s room with bulky furniture

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Don’t go for huge showy furniture for your kid’s room. Instead, keep the room simple and spacious. A spacious room will allow your child to run about or play on the floor. Even if your child is small, don’t buy a small cot, because they will grow up in no time. Same goes for the wardrobes and bookshelves, but you must change the desk and chair routinely as they grow up. Assign separate compartments in the wardrobe for your kid’s clothes, accessories and games. This will both give the room a tidy look and will also teach your child to keep their things organized.

  1. Don’t miss the furnishings
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Just like the wall colours, choose vibrant colours while buying bed covers, pillow covers, carpets and curtains for your kid’s room. Cartoon or character printed furnishings will give your kid much joy and thrill. Make sure the carpet is thick, because your child may skid and fall on a thin carpet.

  1. Keep their things at their height

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As mentioned earlier, avoid placing heavy furniture in your kid’s room. In addition, try to keep their things at their height. This will help them easily reach out to their favorite toys, drawing book, school bag and crayons. This will not only foster the habit of self-help in the child but also excite the little ones to bring in their stuff.

  1. Keep a place for their collection

Kids are the best collectors. They collect everything; a feather, pebbles, leaves, dried flowers and whatnot. Try to make a separate place for those items in their room. Maybe you can put all of them together and then make a pattern to hang it on the walls. You can also color them accordingly and put them in a glass jar as a showpiece. Postcards, greetings card or your kid’s drawing can also be hung with a string and clip in their room. Displaying their favourite things in their room will boost self-confidence in your kid and they won’t feel neglected.

  1. Make sure your kid’s room has enough light
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One major concern while decorating your kid’s room should be of proper lighting. You can have a variety of ornamental lightings as per your child’s wish but make sure to have one master tube light for the room to ensure proper illumination. It will also help your child to find the bathroom in the middle of the night. Improper lightings can affect your kid’s eyes while studying or playing besides making them afraid of the dark.

These were only a few things to remember before preparing your kid’s room. Some other points that you can consider are non-toxic, organic room colors, removable wall decals and seasonal flower pots. Each child is an individual and so are their choices. Therefore, prepare their room in such a manner so that it reflects their personality and individuality in the best possible way.

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